Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Elijah: 4 Months

Weight: 17 pounds 8.5 ounces
Height: 26.5 inches
Clothes: 6-9 months clothes. Some 12 month pants fit better than 9 month pants though they are way too long!
Diapers: Size 3 in disposables. But cloth we will be in OS for the long haul. You are starting to leak overnight sometimes. We need to start adding a doubler to the nighttime diaper. 
Sleep: You still do a long stretch from 9ish until between 1 and 3ish. You still come in bed with me after that and sometimes sleep through and sometimes wake up every 90ish minutes. I wake up at 5:30 and feed you and then pump. Sometimes you actually will sleep through it all and wake up when I feed you again before I leave. On weekends you still love sleeping in with Mama! Mama loves it too! Yay 8:00! You sometimes take really good naps during the day. But other days you wake up after a short nap with wide open awake eyes. Now that you roll over back to front, we have to keep on eye on you while sleeping since you still sleep in your Woombie. When you start fussing while sleeping you often roll over, but since you are upset when you do it, we notice right away. When you fall asleep after eating when I get home from work you like to sleep on me. If I try to put you down, then you are all wide awake! It's fine. I love the snuggles!
Eating: You often eat for a longer amount of time on weekdays than the weekends even. You make up for what you don't eat during the day when Mama comes home after work. Occasionally you take half an ounce from Amanda or Grammy. But most of the time you hold out until I get home!
Likes: Snuggling with Mommy. Pulling fabric over your face: foof, burp cloth, cloth wipe while changing you (ick!), and Mama's clothes. Putting everything you can find into your mouth!  You LOVE to smile and when someone smiles at you, you give huge smiles back! You put EVERYTHING in your mouth lately, including Mommy's hair (I tell you that is a little icky). You also love to listen to the songs Auntie Erin recorded and sent us on Mommy's phone. 
Dislikes: Getting your boogers sucked. You are pretty sure that it is equal to being stabbed with 5,000 knives.
Health: Everything was great at your appointment. You are doing great with all your motor milestones. You even keep thinking about crawling! You have tried several times to get your knees underneath you. We are nowhere near ready for that! You didn't even squawk when you got your shot this time! 
Oh! And this: You have been babbling a lot. You use vocalizations to get our attention! You say "Ma" and "Mum" a lot. Though I would like to think you are calling me, unfortunately I know language development too well and know it is because those are the first sounds all babies develop!
New Tricks: You continue to roll back to front All. The. Time. You are starting to reach for Mommy once in a while. And you did it with Grammy too the other day! Melting hearts!
Firsts: Putting your paci in your mouth, you grab toys intentionally to look at and most often put in your mouth too!