Saturday, October 18, 2014

Elijah: 5 Months

Dear Elijah, 

Wow. 5 months. I am typing this as I look at your on the video monitor wiggling around in your little starfish sleeper. I could cuddle you or watch you all day long and never get bored. You are adorable when you sleep, I could watch you forever. But you are so full of smiles and love when you are awake, I never want you to go to sleep! The amount I love you is incredible. Indescribable. There are no words. But how much you love me? I never imagined that in all my wildest dreams. When you come to visit me at work for lunch and you throw your arms around my neck, I could just melt into a little puddle. You seem too young to do that. But you do! All of my co-workers will attest to it! Last year on Pumpkin Day you were a tiny little grape and only our immediate family knew of our secret. This year you made Pumpkin Day the absolute best!

Weight: 18 pounds 13 ounces 
Height: 27.25 inches
Clothes: 12 months. Mommy jammed you into 9 months far too long. Some of your pants are even 18 months. We just have to roll them up.
Diapers: Most of your diapers are on the tallest rise. But we have lots of room to go in the waist still. 
Sleep: You nap the best for nanny Amanda. You enjoy playing with Grammy too much (and I think she you too much) to nap super well. Really the only time you are upset is when you are overtired. When you are overtired you pretend like you want to be awake and play and refuse to eat (even when you are hungry) because then you know you will fall asleep. It is hard to see you that upset! The Zipadeezip is going well. It allows you movement, but still some resistance. You have been rolling onto your side while sleeping occasionally and then staying there while sleeping. You continue to wake up 1-4 times a night. Sometimes after you wake up the first time you spend the rest of the night with mommy and other times (if I am awake enough) you go back in your cradle. 
Eating: You eat a boobsicle almost every day while I am at work now. You love those and also frozen breastmilk in the mesh feeder. You will also eat breastmilk on a spoon. You think sitting in your high chair eating all of those things is the COOLEST! You have been eating A LOT during the evenings, but that's OK. I love the cuddle time and I know you are making up for what you don't eat during the day. You love to nurse to sleep, and that's OK with me. When you are eating, your hands are always busy with my nursing necklace, my shirt, or strap. You have also experimented with a sippy cup a little. I have over 1,000 ounces of frozen milk since you don't take a bottle, but at least it is being used a little now! You have been spitting up a lot last couple weeks, but I read it can peak around 4-6 months. 
Likes: Eating mommy's face, hugs, eating fabric, putting everything in your mouth, being silly, eating in your high chair, being lifted over our heads, moving all around on the floor on your tummy, and squealing. 
Dislikes: Being tired. 
Health: We think you might be teething. You have had your hands in your mouth with lots of drool since 3 months. But in the last week or so we have noticed that you seem to be more agitated about it. You sometimes wake up crying for no reason and you love when I rub my fingers on your gums. You didn't want to nurse while getting your shots this month because you were too interested in the nurses. You cried a little more than usual, but you were still a champ. Just slept a lot when we got home!
Oh! And this: You have great hand control and can grab a toy (or my phone) with purpose and precisely. 
New Tricks: You move ALL around when you are on the floor by pushing and pulling while laying on your belly. You can sit with support and your core is getting stronger every day. 
Firsts: Pumpkin Day, eating off a spoon, finding your toes!