Monday, November 17, 2014

Elijah: 6 Months

Weight: 19 pounds 7.5 ounces 
Height: 26.75 inches
Clothes: 12 months for mostly everything. Pants are 12 or 18.
Diapers: Nothing new. But you are very smart because during diaper changes you put your feet in the air and then when its time to snap the new diaper you lay them down straight! You like to make diaper changes interesting by giving us a moving target most days. It isn't easy to change the diaper of a baby who keeps flipping on his tummy!
Sleep: You nap 2-3 times during the day most days. They range from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. There is usually one longer nap and then other shorter ones. Some days you wake up every 20 minutes and need to be rocked back to sleep. Other times you are out the entire time! You pretty much only sleep on your side and stomach now. It made me really nervous at first, but I can't stop you! We put your down on your back and let you do what you want. At night, you sleep in the Pack N Play in our room. You suddenly made your bedtime about 7:00 at 5.5 months. You wake up usually 1-2 times to eat and then sleep in the Pack N Play from 10 until 1-2 usually and then lay next to me and eat and sleep. You usually wake up at 5:30 or 5:45 with me now. You just don't like to miss anything! With me you usually nurse yourself to sleep. I can't say that I don't love it as much as you do! After you are done eating, you lay your head on my shoulder and cuddle up and sleep. We know when you are tired because you rub your eyes and pull on your ear. 
Eating: You have been taking a few ounces in the sippy cup from Amanda throughout the day. There is one that is your favorite, Latch brand. You also sometimes have a boobsicle or breastmilk on a spoon. I know when you are really hungry because you like to dive against my chest and rub your face all over me. You are usually a good sport about it, but I know it means it is eating time!
Likes: army crawling EVERYWHERE and FAST, standing up while someone holds you (you are very strong!), grabbing your toes (especially during diaper changes) and pulling your socks off.
Dislikes: eating anywhere that isn't your bedroom (including Mama's classroom, downstairs, the car, or anywhere out in public. And you continue to think snot sucking is actual torture. 
Health: You still haven't cut any teeth even though it really seems like you are teething. The doctor said that your gums are definitely swollen. You had your first fever 2 weeks ago. You have been congested and you woke up on the 30th at midnight with a 101.4 fever. After lots of skin to skin and nursing, your fever was completely gone by 6:00 am. It was sad for me to see you sick! But I am grateful it was short-lived. You nursed during your 6 month shots and didn't even flinch! You passed your vision test and everything else was right on!
Oh! And this: Introducing food was so fun! You tried avocado and sweet potatoes the night before your 6 month birthday with Auntie Erin and Grandma and Grandpa over. You kept making faces and then trying again! We couldn't stop laughing!
New Tricks: When I get home from work, I usually say "hellllooo!" and then you start looking towards the door. As soon as you see me, you start army crawling like crazy right over to me. I love it! You are able to sit "with a spotter" because sometimes you tumble right over. If you see something you want, you beeline right for it. We need to get this house baby proofed!
Firsts: Eating!