Friday, April 10, 2015

Elijah: 11 Months

Dear Elijah, 
You seriously light up my world every day. Not a day goes by that I am not overcome with love for you and gratefulness to be your mama. You fill our days with love and laughter. You are incredibly funny and super smart (and not just because we are biased as your parents!). I am the luckiest mama in the world to have you in my life. 

Weight: 23 pounds, 1 ounce at 10.5 months
Height: 30 inches at 10.5 months
Clothes: You continue to wear some 18 month separates, but we are slowly transitioning to 24 months. 24 month pants are so long though!
Diapers: Same old! 
Sleep: Right after you turned 10 months, you started to have some really good nights of sleep. You were having regular 4-6 hour stretches. It went on about 3.5 weeks and then the teething hit again! We are lucky to get one 3 hour stretch and the rest are 1-2. We discovered that you like to sleep on a blanket. Maybe you like how soft it is? We tuck a blanket in the sides of the crib on the end of your bed and you sleep there. We also transitioned to a sleep sack from the zippy. We tried a toddler pillow and you LOVE it (you gave it a big hug the first night) but you usually slide off of it in your sleep. You move ALL around when you are sleeping and usually end up shoved in the corner of your crib! It is quite comical to watch your movements. You started taking better naps for Nanny Grace this week. You take two 60-90 minute naps during the day. We now make sure that you are up by 4:00 to help have a better night sleep. You tend to go down between 7:30-8:00. You have also been snuggling a foof (any foof) as you nurse to sleep and it seems to calm you when you are agitated.
Eating: You LOVE food now! You will try anything. In fact, you feel that it is your right to eat every food we eat. You insist on it. You would live on bread, pasta, cheese, and meat if we let you. If you see one of those things on our plates, it is all over. We still play the drop game quite a bit. It gets old, especially when you want it right after you have dropped it. You never drop your favorite foods though!
Likes: Giving hugs (you hug everything: people, stuffed animals blankets, toys), THE CATS, swim lessons, playing in the toilet (yuck!), playing outside
Dislikes: When Mama leaves too soon after she arrives, Greek yogurt (you gag just when it touches your lip!), brushing your top teeth, the changing table
Health: It think some more teeth are working their way through, but you will NOT let me anywhere near your mouth. No way. No how. You started to get sniffles for a few days, but seems like we fought it off. You actually don't mind the saline spray at all and the Nose Frida wasn't as bad as it was a couple months ago. You are starting to get a little better about having your teeth brushed with the finger toothbrush and coconut oil.
Communicating: You are signing "more", "milk", and just started "all done"! You use "more" for food, things you like (like the blow dryer being pointed at you) and when you want something. You sign milk appropriately, but also you use it whenever you want SOMETHING. So sometimes it is a game to figure out what you want! You seem to understand so much receptively. The other day I said I was going to go take a shower and you looked right at the shower! You point everywhere in a very meaningful way. You point at things you want, places you want to go, things you want to do. You are babbling all the time! The other day I brought you in bed with us when you woke up in the morning and you pulled up on your Daddy and said "Dada"! You have said it a few more times since. 
New Tricks: Waving hello and goodbye spontaneously, clapping when excited, and peekaboo (and even holding up a blanket in front of me!). You are so close to walking! You cruise all around one handed. You will hold onto one side of the pack n play, take a step, let go, and then grab onto the other side. 
Firsts: Swim lessons! You LOVE swim class! You don't even mind when we put your head under water. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Elijah: 10 Months

Dear Elijah, 
How are you 10 months?! That means in 2 months you will be a year and that just isn't possible! I keep telling people that it is quite unfortunate that their baby will never be as awesome as you. It is very true! You are so full of life and love. You make friends wherever we go. You especially love kids and babies! You smile and look expectantly at anyone who passes you. You are intrigued by everything going on around you! You definitely take it ALL in. 

Weight: no update
Height: no update
Clothes: 18 months for shirts that are separates and pants (though pants are getting close). Oneisies don't quite fit well anymore. Pajamas we JUST transitioned to 24 months (especially with your extra big cloth nighttime diaper). 
Diapers: Same old! Cutest diapers around!
Sleep: Pretty much the same. 2-3 hours in a row is a good night. You are often up every 1-2 hours. You don't want to sleep with us anymore though. You wake up, eat, and I put you back down in your crib. If you come in bed with us you just pop up and want to play. It is good that you are sleeping in your own bed, but then I actually have to be awake to feed you! You are still taking about 2 1 hour naps during the day. Sometimes a third short nap when I get home, depending on your sleep that day. As soon as I play you down on your side, you flip right to your tummy. You are a MOVER while you sleep though. I put your down at one end of the crib in the middle and you usually end up shoved against the side at the other end!
Eating: You have been eating well and loving new foods that you try. You like to have several options of finger foods on your tray. Then after you have eaten a little, we can offer some purees and you will eat them up. When you want to eat you open and close your mouth. It is super cute! You tried black beans and loved them! You LOVE LOVE bread more than anything. Bread at a restaurant and grilled cheese are definitely your top favorite foods. Up there with cheese. Nothing beats cheese! You have started eating some pouches once in a while. You do pretty well if I squeeze them. If you do...well...then there's none left to eat. You still love to rub your food around your tray and drop things on the floor. But then you want them. And then you drop them. And then you want them. And then.....
Likes: Pointing, baths!, eating, giving kisses. 
Dislikes: Diaper changes. Boy. You are pretty sure laying on your back for a diaper change is the WORST EVER. You are getting a bit of separation anxiety sometimes. Sometimes when I am getting ready in the morning you are only satisfied to be right with me. That is not so easy. One day I had to finish getting ready with you on my back in the Tula! You are really good about going to other people, but sometimes you just need some mama time. 
Health: You have your four top teeth and your two bottom teeth now. You use them well! We haven't been to the doctor yet, so there is nothing else new!
Communicating: You point all the time. We love to talk to you about the things you point to. You are so interested in everything going on. You understand a lot of words such as: up, daddy, milk, all done. You continue to say Mama, but still not completely intentional when you look at me. You love to babble all the time. You make noises, and yell, and have lots to say!
New Tricks: You are cruising everywhere on the furniture and all around your crib. You are still practicing standing every second you get. You love to read touchy-feely books and know exactly where on the page to touch. 
Firsts: Fat lip! Just a little one. Right before I got home one day you fell at the coffee table. Nanny Amanda felt so bad! She got you some ice and you were ok!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Elijah: 9 Months

Dear Elijah, 
9 months! You are 3/4 of the way through your first year. May seems right around the corner! We like to say "Nobody loves life more than Elijah!" You live life with a big smile on your face and throw your hands up in the air with a loud yell to celebrate with us multiple times a day! Coming home from work is still one of my favorite parts of the day because you always have huge smiles for me and crawl at warp speed right over (unless something distracts you along the way). You love your daddy so much and stop everything when you hear him somewhere in the house. We are very sad because Nanny Amanda found a new job and we only have two more weeks with her. She has been a great nanny for our family this school year. I love my job and I am passionate about all I do, but I really wish I could stay home all the time with you! Your curiosity about everything constantly amazes me. If you hear a sound, see something new or notice something, you look intently and study whatever it is. I wish I knew what was going on in your head all day!

Weight: 21 pounds 15.5 ounces (so probably 22 by the time he ate lunch that day!) 
Height: 29 inches
Clothes: 18 months
Diapers: Nothing new
Sleep: Oh boy. It has been rough lately. We think that you have some more teeth coming in. It is a good night if I get 2-3 hours in a row. Though I am a bit of a zombie during the day, I really do look forward to the cuddles in the middle of the night. You eat and then go to bed around 7:00. Usually around 1-2 you come into bed with us when you wake up. You squeeze up right next to me and sometimes I almost fall off the bed! When you come in bed with us, you wake up to eat quite a bit, but we barely wake up. Sometimes you wake up and are really sad until I stand up and then you lay your head back down on my shoulder.  You usually take about 2 1 hour naps during the day (sometimes a 2 hour if it is a good day!).
Eating: You are starting to eat a lot more! You like to have options and are eating a variety of purees and real foods. You have been chowing on a lot more real foods now. You also LOVE to drink water in a cup and will sometimes cry until we give you some of ours or your own water cup. Water sure is yummy! You believe that eating is a sensory experience and like to make sure you feel all your food and rub it everywhere while eating. You also like to pull a Hulk and squeeze your food to smithereens! You are really good at drinking out of a straw cup and also pretty good at drinking out of an open cup (sometimes you insist on it!)
Likes: Life! Hummus, blueberries and meat. Throwing food over the edge of the tray. You also think bath time is a BLAST!
Dislikes: FACE WASHING. Laying still on your back. Diaper changes sure are interesting!
Health: You have your two top teeth. They were pretty painful and also a big secret. Now you finally let me feel them and I even got a picture this week! It seems like the ones on either side might be thinking about coming in too. Right now I am pretty scared about the Measles outbreak happening. I am so afraid of my wonderful little baby getting very sick.
Communicating: You say "Mama", "Mom", and "Mum" all the time. Especially when you are hungry or sad. I am waiting for you to look at me and say it before I admit you really know it is me. Right now I think it means you are hungry and want comfort. You babble all the time now. We love when you say, "Ah-bah!" We say it all the time back to you. You babble lots of different sounds. You also love to yell and thinks its hilarious when we yell back! You have been reaching your arms in the air and squeezing your hands when you want to be held. It is so sweet! You understand "all done" because as soon as we say it while you are eating, you stop your fussing and get calm. When you are waiting for me to get ready in the morning, as soon as I say, "Are you ready?" you calm down and look right at me and get ready to get picked up. You are SO interested in everything around you and watch every single thing that happens. 
New Tricks: You continue to try to stand up all the time. You pull up on EVERYTHING! And you are cruising around a bit on furniture. You've even stood for a few seconds a few times.You have discovered your tongue and love to stick it out.  When we throw our hands in the air, you do too! You also babble reciprocally with us all the time! You put your hands in the air and squeeze them when you want to be picked up. 
Firsts: Blizzard! You weren't a fan of being stuck in the snow in a snowsuit!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Elijah: 8 Months

Dear Elijah, 
Happy 8 months! We have had a crazy busy month and you have been a champ through it all. We had Christmas and then went to California on Christmas Day! That was crazy! We celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve with Grammy and Grandpa and Auntie Erin. Santa came early so we could all celebrate together! Then we went to Mass and had dinner afterwards. You were so good during church! Christmas morning we celebrated at Aunt Amanda and Uncle Aaron's with everyone. That was fun! You LOVED opening presents. We didn't realize you would be so fun on Christmas at 7 months! You totally understood ripping off paper. Christmas afternoon we headed to the airport to go see Mommom and Poppop. You did pretty well on the flight. You were super tired and hungry and cried during take off, but then you finally fell asleep for most of the flight. You weren't thrilled to be in your car seat, but we never would travel without you safely secure. I did a fancy dangle maneuver when the seatbelt light was off so you finally ate. After we arrived in LA, we had a 2.5 hour drive and you were a rockstar. It really helped to have your Grammy, Grandpa, and Auntie Erin there to help every step of the way! The way home you had some sad moments, but you slept during take off and landing! It was a little stressful for Mama when you were so sad and crying and I knew you were tired and hungry (since you still won't eat in public!), but I was so proud of how you handled all of the travel! It was so wonderful to visit with Mommom and Poppop (and everyone we saw in CA). I love all of the pictures of Mommom and Poppop holding you. It is so special and wonderful that we all got to spend time together. They love you lots and lots. You made everyone smile a whole lot. New Years Eve we just had a few people over since you go to bed pretty early and you thought our countdown with noise makers was super fun! It was hard for me to go back to work after spending all day with you for over two weeks. But I lucked out because we had 3 cold days after working 2 days and I got some bonus time! We had lots of fun cuddling, and playing and being all kinds of silly together. 

Weight: 20 pounds 15 ounces 
Height: 29 inches
Clothes: 18 months
Diapers: Nothing new
Sleep: Your schedule is pretty much the same. Though your third nap of the day is usually 20-30 minutes, not an hour anymore. Sleep has been rough for the last several weeks. You usually come in bed with us during the middle of the night. You love to be snuggled up with Mommy. You sometimes wake up, even in bed with us, and are only soothed when I stand up. Then I can gingerly lay down again. For an hour, if I am lucky. Sometimes at night you let Daddy put you back down, but other times it is Mama or nothing. Your bedtime is about 7:00 and you wake every 1-3 hours throughout the night. 3 would be a good night. When we were in California you slept in your Pack N Play, pretty much the same as at home. 
Eating: We decided to try some purees with you right at the end of the month since you still gag quite a bit on foods. You were a bit skeptical, but you are starting to like them more. We started with broccoli and apples. Broccoli was a hit. Apples were a miss! You continue to like avocado! Mama's milk is still your favoritest ever though! You are able to drink out of a straw cup, so we think you are pretty brilliant. It makes going out to eat a little easier too. You are starting to drink a little more when I am at work with your sippy cup or straw cup too. 
Likes: Christmas tree. Opening presents! You were a hoot at Christmas! When I sniff your butt to check for diaper change, pulling up to stand on everything, dropping things so we get them, holding an extra spoon while you eat, dogs (you practically levitated when you saw Aunt Barbara's!) and driving around in your new little red car. 
Dislikes: Teeth coming in.
Health: You have your two bottom teeth! And it seems like your top teeth might be thinking about coming in. But you like to have secret teeth. You don't want anyone to see or feel what is going on in there. You purse your lips together and push my finger out with your tongue if I even try! You got your flu shots and you were a champ about it!
Communicating: You are making more babbling sounds all the time. You especially say "Mamamama" in the middle of the night when you want me and not Daddy. You watch EVERYTHING happening around you. Nothing goes missed. We are still practicing waving! You still half heartedly do it sometimes! The first time we pushed you in your red car and Daddy stopped, you made it very clear you wanted MORE by whining and rocking your body forward! We have been practicing these signs with you: more, milk, all done. 
New Tricks: On 12/14 Daddy put you in your crib after changing your diaper to go wash his hands and when he came back you had pulled yourself to standing! It was the first time you even tried and you did it. That day your crib got dropped to the middle setting. On 1/7 you pulled up in your Pack N Play! You have been practicing standing like crazy. Every chance you get!
Firsts: Train ride! Plane ride! Sitting in high chairs in restaurants. Wearing baby shoes out and about. "Snow Days" Pulling up in your crib and Pack N Play.