Saturday, January 10, 2015

Elijah: 8 Months

Dear Elijah, 
Happy 8 months! We have had a crazy busy month and you have been a champ through it all. We had Christmas and then went to California on Christmas Day! That was crazy! We celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve with Grammy and Grandpa and Auntie Erin. Santa came early so we could all celebrate together! Then we went to Mass and had dinner afterwards. You were so good during church! Christmas morning we celebrated at Aunt Amanda and Uncle Aaron's with everyone. That was fun! You LOVED opening presents. We didn't realize you would be so fun on Christmas at 7 months! You totally understood ripping off paper. Christmas afternoon we headed to the airport to go see Mommom and Poppop. You did pretty well on the flight. You were super tired and hungry and cried during take off, but then you finally fell asleep for most of the flight. You weren't thrilled to be in your car seat, but we never would travel without you safely secure. I did a fancy dangle maneuver when the seatbelt light was off so you finally ate. After we arrived in LA, we had a 2.5 hour drive and you were a rockstar. It really helped to have your Grammy, Grandpa, and Auntie Erin there to help every step of the way! The way home you had some sad moments, but you slept during take off and landing! It was a little stressful for Mama when you were so sad and crying and I knew you were tired and hungry (since you still won't eat in public!), but I was so proud of how you handled all of the travel! It was so wonderful to visit with Mommom and Poppop (and everyone we saw in CA). I love all of the pictures of Mommom and Poppop holding you. It is so special and wonderful that we all got to spend time together. They love you lots and lots. You made everyone smile a whole lot. New Years Eve we just had a few people over since you go to bed pretty early and you thought our countdown with noise makers was super fun! It was hard for me to go back to work after spending all day with you for over two weeks. But I lucked out because we had 3 cold days after working 2 days and I got some bonus time! We had lots of fun cuddling, and playing and being all kinds of silly together. 

Weight: 20 pounds 15 ounces 
Height: 29 inches
Clothes: 18 months
Diapers: Nothing new
Sleep: Your schedule is pretty much the same. Though your third nap of the day is usually 20-30 minutes, not an hour anymore. Sleep has been rough for the last several weeks. You usually come in bed with us during the middle of the night. You love to be snuggled up with Mommy. You sometimes wake up, even in bed with us, and are only soothed when I stand up. Then I can gingerly lay down again. For an hour, if I am lucky. Sometimes at night you let Daddy put you back down, but other times it is Mama or nothing. Your bedtime is about 7:00 and you wake every 1-3 hours throughout the night. 3 would be a good night. When we were in California you slept in your Pack N Play, pretty much the same as at home. 
Eating: We decided to try some purees with you right at the end of the month since you still gag quite a bit on foods. You were a bit skeptical, but you are starting to like them more. We started with broccoli and apples. Broccoli was a hit. Apples were a miss! You continue to like avocado! Mama's milk is still your favoritest ever though! You are able to drink out of a straw cup, so we think you are pretty brilliant. It makes going out to eat a little easier too. You are starting to drink a little more when I am at work with your sippy cup or straw cup too. 
Likes: Christmas tree. Opening presents! You were a hoot at Christmas! When I sniff your butt to check for diaper change, pulling up to stand on everything, dropping things so we get them, holding an extra spoon while you eat, dogs (you practically levitated when you saw Aunt Barbara's!) and driving around in your new little red car. 
Dislikes: Teeth coming in.
Health: You have your two bottom teeth! And it seems like your top teeth might be thinking about coming in. But you like to have secret teeth. You don't want anyone to see or feel what is going on in there. You purse your lips together and push my finger out with your tongue if I even try! You got your flu shots and you were a champ about it!
Communicating: You are making more babbling sounds all the time. You especially say "Mamamama" in the middle of the night when you want me and not Daddy. You watch EVERYTHING happening around you. Nothing goes missed. We are still practicing waving! You still half heartedly do it sometimes! The first time we pushed you in your red car and Daddy stopped, you made it very clear you wanted MORE by whining and rocking your body forward! We have been practicing these signs with you: more, milk, all done. 
New Tricks: On 12/14 Daddy put you in your crib after changing your diaper to go wash his hands and when he came back you had pulled yourself to standing! It was the first time you even tried and you did it. That day your crib got dropped to the middle setting. On 1/7 you pulled up in your Pack N Play! You have been practicing standing like crazy. Every chance you get!
Firsts: Train ride! Plane ride! Sitting in high chairs in restaurants. Wearing baby shoes out and about. "Snow Days" Pulling up in your crib and Pack N Play.