Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Elijah: 10 Months

Dear Elijah, 
How are you 10 months?! That means in 2 months you will be a year and that just isn't possible! I keep telling people that it is quite unfortunate that their baby will never be as awesome as you. It is very true! You are so full of life and love. You make friends wherever we go. You especially love kids and babies! You smile and look expectantly at anyone who passes you. You are intrigued by everything going on around you! You definitely take it ALL in. 

Weight: no update
Height: no update
Clothes: 18 months for shirts that are separates and pants (though pants are getting close). Oneisies don't quite fit well anymore. Pajamas we JUST transitioned to 24 months (especially with your extra big cloth nighttime diaper). 
Diapers: Same old! Cutest diapers around!
Sleep: Pretty much the same. 2-3 hours in a row is a good night. You are often up every 1-2 hours. You don't want to sleep with us anymore though. You wake up, eat, and I put you back down in your crib. If you come in bed with us you just pop up and want to play. It is good that you are sleeping in your own bed, but then I actually have to be awake to feed you! You are still taking about 2 1 hour naps during the day. Sometimes a third short nap when I get home, depending on your sleep that day. As soon as I play you down on your side, you flip right to your tummy. You are a MOVER while you sleep though. I put your down at one end of the crib in the middle and you usually end up shoved against the side at the other end!
Eating: You have been eating well and loving new foods that you try. You like to have several options of finger foods on your tray. Then after you have eaten a little, we can offer some purees and you will eat them up. When you want to eat you open and close your mouth. It is super cute! You tried black beans and loved them! You LOVE LOVE bread more than anything. Bread at a restaurant and grilled cheese are definitely your top favorite foods. Up there with cheese. Nothing beats cheese! You have started eating some pouches once in a while. You do pretty well if I squeeze them. If you do...well...then there's none left to eat. You still love to rub your food around your tray and drop things on the floor. But then you want them. And then you drop them. And then you want them. And then.....
Likes: Pointing, baths!, eating, giving kisses. 
Dislikes: Diaper changes. Boy. You are pretty sure laying on your back for a diaper change is the WORST EVER. You are getting a bit of separation anxiety sometimes. Sometimes when I am getting ready in the morning you are only satisfied to be right with me. That is not so easy. One day I had to finish getting ready with you on my back in the Tula! You are really good about going to other people, but sometimes you just need some mama time. 
Health: You have your four top teeth and your two bottom teeth now. You use them well! We haven't been to the doctor yet, so there is nothing else new!
Communicating: You point all the time. We love to talk to you about the things you point to. You are so interested in everything going on. You understand a lot of words such as: up, daddy, milk, all done. You continue to say Mama, but still not completely intentional when you look at me. You love to babble all the time. You make noises, and yell, and have lots to say!
New Tricks: You are cruising everywhere on the furniture and all around your crib. You are still practicing standing every second you get. You love to read touchy-feely books and know exactly where on the page to touch. 
Firsts: Fat lip! Just a little one. Right before I got home one day you fell at the coffee table. Nanny Amanda felt so bad! She got you some ice and you were ok!