Saturday, October 13, 2018

All Natural Bath Bomb Party Favor

For the little's first birthday, we decided to make items to put in the goodie bags. Rather than having more "stuff", I thought, "Who doesn't love playdough and bath bombs??"

I used this recipe from The Humbled Homemaker.

Ingredients that I used (linked with Amazon affiliate links):

These ingredients I ordered (several batches of the recipe) made over 20 goodie bags and we had at least 20 leftover. And there were still leftover ingredients for most of them. 

Essential Oils
I did not use any essential oils because I wanted these to be safe for babies and children of all ages. Additionally, because I was giving to many families, I did not want to worry about sensitivities or reactions. When I make them again for my own children, I may add some child safe oils at a 1% dilution (10 drops of EO in this recipe would be 1%).

I bought a silicone star mold to go with the bithday theme, however, I would not use a silicone mold again. Because the silicone has "give" it was difficult to pack the molds tightly enough without overstuffing them and changing the shape. I recently bought these molds for making again soon!

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Farm First Birthday

For Eli's first birthday we had a super fun Farm theme! 


monthly photos on a pallet with banner

ribbon on mason jars filled with sand and flowers or wheat grass
metal buckets with vinyl animals and fake grass from IKEA

Photobooth Set-Up

front door sign based on the invitation 


Making a horse with pool noodles.

Painting on canvases 
(vinyl animal on canvas, paint all around it, peel off when dry)

balloon pigs let go around the yard
kids gathered them up

Picking ducks from the pond.

Awesome bean bag barn made by Pop

We had an egg hunt using these eggs


drinking glasses (mason jars) with vinyl animals and tractors and cow paper straws


dessert table

cupcakes and smash cake by me!

hay bale rice krispie treats

cow's tails

table set-up before catering arrived

pig fruit bowl made by our wonderful cousin


Birthday Fun

 Happy birthday little man!

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Construction 3rd Birthday Party

For Eli's third birthday we had a super fun Construction theme! 

I made this cake. It was so easy because it didn't have to be perfect.
I used these trucks, chocolate frosting (homemade), and crushed oreos!

Paintbrush rice krispie treats! Dipped in Wilton Candy Melts

Birthday Banner

Goodie Bags

Amazing photo prop made by friend and photographer Precisely Joy
Every guest had their photo taken


Truck Races
Black tape in lines that kids could push to race

Safety Cone Ring Toss

Hammer Time
Flower styrofoam (Dollar Tree) and colored golf tees to build any creation

Our gravel pit built in time for the party


Snacks in hard hats

wrecking balls: cheese balls
beams: pretzel sticks
2x4s: veggie straws
safety cones: bugles
rubble: M&Ms

Adult Break Time Beverages

Wheelbarrow Drink Holder

Dirt Cups
Pudding, crushed oreos, gummy worm

Build a Sandwich for lunch

Utensils were tools

Elbow Joint Pasta 
Mac and Cheese in the Instant Pot!

Birthday Fun

Debris bins

Presents were at Material Storage

 Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

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