Saturday, September 07, 2019

Nautical 4th Birthday Party

For Eli's 4th birthday we celebrated with a nautical theme!

I made favors with buckets from the Dollar Tree, squirt guns, and cheddar whales
I cut out anchors and each child's name with vinyl

Sailboat cupcakes on a tray decorated to look like the ocean

utensils wrapped in a napkin with a mint tied on

Sailboat fruit bowl

hot dog sailboats

jello with a clementine boat and sail

Fishing Pole (pretzels with blue chocolate and goldfish)


Making a sensory bottle
tray of doodads, funnels, and bin of rice

sailor hat for each child
sailing wheel made with paint sticks

Making a boat by drawing on the sail

Shaving cream and blocks to build boats

Boats in with water beads

Building boats with cut up pool noodles, foam sails, and straws

Sailing the boats they made down gutters filled with a little water


Wreath made with a white wreath form

We made a boat out of a pallet, plastic tablecloth, and piece of electrical pipe bent into shape

Little sister's shirt said "First Mate"

Mom and Dad shirts said "Crew"